Studio Lighting Hire

Bowens 500R Flash Lighting kit – £80.00 + VAT – Per Day

Includes: 3 x Gemini 500R, Hot shoe connector with 4M connector lead, 1 Pulsar Rx Radio Receiver Card, Cables and Sync Cord,1 x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger, 1 x 90cm Umbrella, 1 x 60x80cm Softbox, 1 x Wide-Angle Reflector, 3 x Lighting Support Stand, PIXAPRO 55cm 22″ Beauty Dish Bowens S Type White Interior Honeycomb Diffuser,  PIXAPRO EasyOpen LARGE Umbrella Softbox 100×100 Honeycomb Bowens S Fit Foldable, Trolly Case. 

Bowens 500R full kit

Fresnal 300W Kit – £60.00 + VAT – Per Day

Includes: 3 x 300W  Fresnal Junior lights with barndoors and bulbs, 3x VideGear Lighting Stands, 1x Photon Beard Soft lighting case, cables.