Belt Craft Studio

Belt Craft Studios is a 2600 sq ft photography and film location space in a converted former textile factory that oozes character and charm. Comprising an open plan main space with numerous alcoves, different shooting areas and textured backgrounds, the space has been stripped back to original aged brickwork, a peeling paint wooden ceiling and distressed with aged wooden flooring.

The space has an abundance of natural light with large windows running around two thirds of the perimeter. We have a large prop selection that is being constantly updated with items ranging from chesterfield sofas to vintage signage and old oil pumps to cinema chairs. Separate from the main studio there is a kitchen area, a green room, a makeup room, change room and three toilets.

  • We have industrial gas fan heating in the main studio and heating in the other rooms
  • Power – 13 Amp and 63 Amp Single and 3 Phase
  • Black Out Acoustic curtains for shoots that need controlled lighting on request
  • There are steamer, make up mirrors and clothes rail
  • BT Infinity 2 Wi Fi
  • Sound System
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchenette – Fridge, Microwave, Oven, Tea and coffee

The Buckle Factory

The Buckle Factory is the newest studio from the Belt Craft team. The studio is comprised of 2 main shooting rooms with separate kitchen and bathroom area. The main studio is approx 1800 sq ft and the smaller area approx 250 sq ft that is also the green room / make up room.

The studio has more of an raw industrial feel to it with various original sandblasted red brick, original painted bricks and striped back brick walls. There is a raw concrete floor and white painted concrete ceiling.  It also has feature walls of original gym strip flooring and soon antique wall paper giving a variety of shooting backgrounds and textures. The space has 2 huge bespoke made metal floor to ceiling feature windows. Like in Belt Craft there is a huge array of cool props.

  • There are steamer, make up mirror and clothes rail
  • Power – 13 AMP,1 x 16 Amp, 1 x 63 AMP Single Phase, 1 x 63 Amp 3 Phase with splitter into 2 x 32 Amp 3 Phase
  • Black Out available
  • Heating
  • BT Infinity 2 Wi Fi
  • Sound System
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchenette – Fridge, Microwave,  Tea and coffee

Outdoor Space

There is a 1000 sq ft outdoor space for shooting shared by both studios.

Both spaces are available for hire from half day to daily or weekly hire


Our Story….

All great stories start with a cliche and this one is no different.

Months of walking the rainy streets of London searching for a space in which to house our artists complex we found UNIT 7 Gourley place. A building that was originally a textile factory with huge looms hung between the brick pillars sat on the Seven Sisters road at a time when all around was fields.

The premise was to gut the building and install 20 self contained artists studios with a communal coffee lounge area. All very ARTY and East London but as we literally ripped the layers of poor workmanship and dated design we began to find something special.

The place had been derelict and squatted in for the previous 5 years. From the local chat we discovered sad stories of a sweatshop where workers were locked in for 12 hour periods with no break , having to winch fast food takeaways from the street through the windows.

As we started working we stripped back each layer of flooring it revealed another more ridiculous layer of MDF or chipboard, skips of lino pulled up, until one day we were back to the skeleton, and what a skeleton it was. The space revealed stunning timber flooring running angular across the space, steel beams criss crossing the roof space, details and history, peeling paint and in the dim morning light or the din of the afternoon we realised rather than build again we had unearthed a gem. Unbeknown to us at that time that would soon transform in to Belt Craft Studio. A week later after a small advert on gumtree and we had our first shoot with no toilets , power or running water it was still a success.

These days things are different in some regards. We have every angle covered for the needs of professional location jobs but one thing that hasn’t changed is that stunning shooting space.

About a year or so after Belt Craft was up and running we acquired a new space almost next door and again stripped back what was once a car chop shop and transformed the space into what is now our second studio, The Buckle Factory.